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The style of your sofa pillows makes a major impact on the overall decor and aesthetic of your living room. Whether you prefer an elegant, traditional look or a more eclectic, modern vibe, selecting pillow styles tailored to your decor goals helps pull your room together. Consider these tips when deciding on sofa pillow styles and arrangements to reflect your personal flair.


Match Sofa Pillow Style to Your Decor Style

Choose pillow styles that align with and enhance your existing living room decor:

  1. Traditional – Opt for symmetric arrangements with classic shapes like squares and rectangles. Incorporate tassels, embroidered accents, and colorful floral or paisley patterns on pillows with luxe fabrics.
  2. Contemporary – Focus on solid colors and bold geometric shapes and lines. Stay streamlined with fewer patterned pillows. Use interesting textures like bouclé, suede, or sequins for visual depth.
  3. Casual – Create a laid-back look with lumbar pillows for sink-in comfort. Choose natural linen or denim pillows with organic patterns like stripes and abstract prints. Arrange pillows asymmetrically at different angles.
  4. Eclectic – Go bold and playful with a vibrant mix of patterns, textures, and ornate detailing like tassels, trim, and intricate embroidery. Layer the pillows for an inviting, lived-in look.

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Coordinate Pillow Styles with Your Sofa Shape

Enhance the specific lines and shape of your sofa frame with tailored pillow placement:

  1. Curved sofas – Soft continuous lines suit billowy pillows. Try rounded square shapes that reflect the curves.
  2. Linear, rectangular sofas – Maintain the straight lines with square lumbar and bolster pillows.
  3. Sectionals – Use a collection of square, rectangular, and cylindrical pillows to fill in negative space and gaps.

Arrange Pillows Strategically for Balance

  • Place the largest patterned pillows centrally for a focal point.
  • Frame with solid pillows on ends to ground the arrangement.
  • Angle corner pillows symmetrically or asymmetrically based on your desired formality.
  • Add lumbar support pillows behind lower backs and loose bolsters along the arms.
  • Adjust stagger and layer pillows depending on sofa depth to avoid a sloppy look.

Consider Scale, Proportion and Volume

  • Choose the right pillow size and density for your sofa size. Oversized pillows overwhelm small sofas.
  • Maintain consistent proportions with mixed sizes, like pairing large 20” square pillows with 14” lumbar pillows.
  • Add loft and fullness with knife-edge pillow styles as opposed to flat envelope closures.
  • Fluff and rotate pillows regularly, so the look stays fresh versus flattened.

By thoughtfully selecting sofa pillows tailored to your preferred decor style and strategically arranging them, you can create a polished, pulled-together living room that showcases your personal taste.

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