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Decorative throw pillows are an easy way to add visual interest, comfort, and style to your sofa. With the right size, shape, color, pattern, and texture, sofa pillows can take your living room decor from basic to beautiful. Follow these tips on choosing sofa pillows that harmonize with your existing furnishings while showcasing your personal design aesthetic.


Determine the Right Size

Proportion is key when selecting sofa pillow dimensions. Pillows that are too small get lost, while oversized pillows look sloppy and distracting.

  1. For standard sofas, opt for 18 to 24 inch square pillows.
  2. On sectionals, mix 18 and 24 inch squares with oblong lumbar pillows around 16 by 30 inches.
  3. For a large overstuffed sofa, choose generous 30 inch square pillows.
  4. Place smaller 14 to 16 inch pillows in front corners to finish the look.
  5. Measure your sofa to ensure pillows won’t overhang but will make an impact.


Choose Complementary Colors

Sofa pillow colors should coordinate with or enhance your existing color scheme:

  • Match pillows to a predominant color already in the room, like blue pillows on a blue-themed sofa.
  • Contrast with accent pillows in a different but complementary hue, like orange pillows on a navy sofa.
  • Tie in secondary room colors with pillows, like green and yellow pillows on a neutral sofa.
  • Make the pillows pop with contrasting patterns or textures in the same color family.

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Select Pillow Fill Materials

The right pillow fill creates functionality:

  • Down offers luxurious softness but needs frequent fluffing. Feathers shift easily.
  • Polyester provides affordable firmness and structure. Won’t flatten from compression.
  • Synthetic foam fills offer support. Look for quality foams that resist compression indentations.
  • For outdoor use, polyfill dries quickly if wet and resists mildew.
  • Combine fills like feather/down wraps around polyfill cores for comfort and structure.


Choose Complementary Patterns

Patterns and prints on sofa pillows should be:

  1. In the same color family or accent colors like a boho floral pillow on an earth toned sofa.
  2. Larger in scale compared to small-patterned upholstery, like expansive Kat pillows on a subtly striped sofa.
  3. Thematically cohesive, such as nautical stripes and seashell pillows on a navy linen sofa.
  4. Minimal to avoid clashing with patterned upholstery, like textured velvet or embroidered pillows on a heavily printed sofa.

Consider Texture and Fabric

Along with pattern, very texture and fabric for visual interest:

  • Combine smooth velvet pillows with cozy knit pillows.
  • Contrast matte linen and shiny satin pillows.
  • Pair soft, nubby chenille pillows with sleek faux fur.
  • Use indoor/outdoor fabric pillows in high traffic areas or homes with kids and pets.

Arrange Pillows Strategically

Place pillows for balance, comfort and styling:

  • Angle corner pillows for a relaxed look.
  • Incorporate lumbar support behind lower backs.
  • Limit Overstuffed arrangements that sacrifice comfort.
  • Shake pillows regularly to maintain volume and fluffiness.

With tailored, well-chosen sofa pillows that unite your color scheme, patterns, textures and style, you can elevate your living room from drab to dramatic.

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