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Purchasing a pre-owned or secondhand sofa can be a budget-friendly way to decorate. But used furniture often needs diligent cleaning and sanitizing to restore it to a fresh, hygienic state before using. Here are best practices for cleaning a used couch or sofa you bring home.


Vacuum and Brush Thoroughly

The first step is using a vacuum attachment to remove all loose debris like crumbs and dirt from crevices and tufts before further cleaning. Use a stiff upholstery brush to scrub fabric to lift embedded debris and hair.

Vacuum under and around cushions as well. Remove any cushions and vacuum all frame surfaces, crevices and casters.

Evaluate Stains and Odors

Inspect fabric for any noticeable stains, rings, or discoloration. Note if the sofa has odors like smoke, pet smells, or mildew. Identifying these issues will determine your approach.

For stains, identify the type – oil, grease, ink, etc. For odors, locate the source and severity. Armrests and cushions tend to harbor most issues.

Treat Stained or Soiled Areas

Use targeted stain removal methods suitable for the stain type. Pre-treat set-in stains with enzyme-based cleaners, let dwell, then dab away residue.

For dinginess or sweat/skin oil buildup, use gentle cleaners like oxygen-based powders and upholstery shampoos. Always spot test first.

Freshen with Steam or Dry Cleaning

Steaming or low-moisture cleaning extracts embedded odors and sanitizes fabrics. Steam cleaning uses hot vapor to release odors and grime. Dry cleaning employ solvents to deeply clean.

Both methods work well, but research your particular sofa fabric to see which method is recommended. This avoids damage.


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Deodorize with Baking Soda

For lingering odors, liberally sprinkle baking soda over all surfaces. Let sit overnight, then vacuum away. Repeat as needed until odors neutralize. It absorbs stubborn smells over time.

Mix with essential oils for extra fresh scent.

Disinfect Frame and Wood

Wipe down any exposed wood, metal, or plastic on the frame using a disinfectant cleaner or hydrogen peroxide solution to kill germs. Allow surfaces to completely dry.

With some work, you can restore a quality secondhand sofa to like-new condition. Proper deep cleaning removes health hazards, allergens, stains, and odors for furniture that looks and smells fresh.


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