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Adding coordinating or contrasting slipcovers is an easy way to update your sofa’s appearance. With some simple sewing skills and creativity, you can custom-fit slipcovers to provide temporary protection or give your sofa an entirely new look.


Benefits of DIY Sofa Slipcovers

Making your own slipcovers offers advantages over ready-made versions:

  • Get a tailored fit for your exact sofa dimensions.
  • Choose fun, unique fabrics like bold patterns or velvets.
  • Mix and match fabrics, trims and ties for one-of-a-kind style.
  • Save money over purchasing retail covers.
  • Remove for quick laundering or to change up styles.
  • Protect upholstery from pets, kids and daily wear-and-tear.

Tips for Measuring Sofa Dimensions

The key to a perfect fit is taking thorough measurements of your sofa’s length, width, height and seat depth.

  • Use a flexible tape measure.
  • Note dimensions of arms, back, and cushions.
  • Measure seam to seam rather than along the outer edges.
  • Add at least 1–2 inches ease to all measurements for a comfortable fit.
  • Having a friend help take measurements makes it much easier.

How to Make Your Own Sofa Slipcovers for a Custom Look插图

Selecting an Appropriate Fabric

Almost any tightly-woven, medium weight fabric can work for slipcovers, like:

  1. Cotton
  2. Cotton-polyester blends
  3. Canvas
  4. Twill
  5. Chenille
  6. Velvet

Avoid fabrics that are too thin, stretchy or slippery. Test fabric swatches by spritzing water to see if they repel liquid.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Constructing the Cover

  • Cut fabric pieces using your measurements and a sofa slipcover pattern.
  • Sew the pieces together at the seams and hems.
  • Add accents like contrasting piping or banding for extra flair.
  • Attach ties, Velcro or zippers to securely fasten the cover.
  • Flip the cover right-side out and place it over sofa cushions.
  • Smooth and adjust until the fit is perfect.

With the right fabric, measurements, and adjustments, you can achieve a designer-worthy custom slipcover that protects your sofa and showcases your unique style.

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