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With its distinctive rounded, billowy shape, a cloud sofa makes a fun, contemporary furniture statement. But the flowing design that gives it a “floating on air” look also makes it tricky to clean. Follow these tips to keep your cloud sofa looking fluffy and bright white.

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Vacuum Weekly

Regular vacuuming is key for cloud sofas since dirt and crumbs can collect in crevices. Use a crevice tool to reach into seams. Change angles to vacuum all sides.

Check under moveable cushions. Lightly brush or vacuum reversible cushions to prevent dirty buildup.

Avoid placing cloud sofas directly on carpeting. Have it sit on a rug instead to minimize ground-in dirt working up into the base.

Spot Clean Spills Quickly

The cotton cover fabric is prone to absorbing liquids. Immediately blot wet spills with a clean cloth. Avoid aggressive scrubbing that can damage the pile.

For sticky stains, use an upholstery cleaning spray designed for cotton fabrics. Lightly mist and let sit before blotting.

Rotate cushions frequently and flip reversible seat cushions to prevent uneven soiling in frequently used areas.

Fluff Cushions to Restore Shape

Fluff and reshape dented areas by massaging the cotton pile by hand or using a soft bristle brush. Avoid over-fluffing that can damage seams.

For stubborn indentations, use a garment steamer on the cool setting to gently refresh dented areas with moisture and heat. Avoid over wetting the fabric.

Plump removable cushions occasionally by placing outside in sunlight to air out and renew fills. Bring in before night to avoid dew.

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Professionally Clean Annually

To deeply refresh the entire sofa, have it professionally cleaned annually. They have the specialized equipment to thoroughly clean the cloud shape without distortion.

Dry cleaning solvent is gentler than wet cleaning methods on the cotton cover fabric. Stains can be spot treated as needed first.

Ask about disassembly and reassembly to check inner construction and frame as part of the cleaning process.

With attentive regular care and maintenance, a cloud sofa’s distinctive charm and uniqueness can be enjoyed for years before needing replacement.

Looking Inside Cloud Sofa Construction

Cloud sofas have a specific internal construction to achieve their rounded shape:

  • The frame is made of bendable hardwood or reinforced steel able to flex into curves without breaking.
  • Dense foam cut into curved segments fills out the shape. It is firmer than regular cushions to hold the shape.
  • Fiberfill batting adds softness and loft over the foam base before upholstering.
  • The cover fabric has elasticity to stretch over the contours smoothly without bunching.
  • Velcro ties attach segments together and to the frame to maintain the cloud shape.

When professionally cleaned, technicians should inspect internal components for damage and make repairs as needed.

Safe Cleaning Solutions for Cloud Sofas

Check care labels, but generally these cleaners are safe:

  • Mild liquid soap diluted in warm water for spot cleaning Cotton covers. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Isopropyl alcohol diluted with water for disinfecting and removing some stains.
  • Upholstery cleaner formulated for cotton or linen. Spot test first.
  • Carbonated water lightly sprayed on helps lift some dirt.

Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach that may damage fabrics and foam fillings.

Drying Cloud Sofas Thoroughly

It’s important to completely dry cloud sofas after cleaning:

  • Blot excess moisture with clean towels before air drying.
  • Allow to fully air dry before replacing cushions or using.
  • Place in sunlight and rotate periodically to dry hidden areas.
  • Use fans to speed up drying time and circulate air inside.
  • A dehumidifier pulls ambient moisture to prevent mold growth on interior surfaces.

Thorough drying preserves the sofa and prevents musty odors from developing.


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