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Raising the height of a sofa can provide both ergonomic and aesthetic benefits. There are several effective methods to safely lift your sofa by a few inches or even over half a foot higher.

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Purchase Replacement Legs in a Taller Height

One of the easiest ways to increase sofa height is installing replacement legs that are taller than the original legs:

  • Measure the height and width of your existing sofa legs.
  • Shop for replacement legs made of metal or wood in heights ranging from 2 to 8 inches taller.
  • Brass, chrome, black nickel and espresso finished wood legs are popular choices that also change the style.
  • Have 2-3 people lift the sofa to carefully swap out the legs for the new taller leg replacements.

Use Furniture Risers

Plastic or wood furniture risers are an affordable way to boost sofa height:

  • Risers come in varying heights like 1 inch, 2 inches, etc. Stack multiple sets to get to desired height.
  • Make sure the riser tops are large enough for the sofa legs to sit completely flush without any overhang.
  • Adhere felt furniture pads onto the tops of the risers to prevent slipping and floor scratches.
  • Add risers gradually in layers to ensure sofa remains steady and balanced at the new height.

Attach a Platform Base

Platform bases securely attach under sofa legs to lift the entire piece:

  • Measure the distance between the legs to ensure the base will properly fit without gaps.
  • Platforms typically raise sofas 5-8 inches higher depending on their thickness.
  • The base should be smooth, sturdy plywood, not flimsy boards, to support sofa weight without buckling.
  • Use included hardware to securely bolt the base to the sofa frame and legs to ensure stability.
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Have Casters Professionally Installed

Casters can be added to the bottom of sofa legs to make it mobile and raise it up:

  • Casters generally increase the height by 4-7 inches depending on wheel size.
  • Ensure casters are heavy-duty enough for the sofa weight and made for residential use. Avoid cheap lightweight casters.
  • Have a professional upholsterer or handyman properly install the casters for safety.
  • Add locking mechanisms to prevent unwanted rolling.

Stack Wood Blocks Under Legs

For a more DIY approach, wood blocks can be stacked and adhered to the legs:

  • Use very sturdy wood like 2x2s kiln-dried hardwood blocks cut to square uniform shapes.
  • Start with a 1-2 inch thick stack using wood glue and screws to attach the blocks securely under the legs.
  • Gradually add another set stacked to increase height in increments while ensuring stability.
  • Can safely increase leg height 2-4 inches more with this method.

Use Sofa Leg Extenders

Slip-on hollow extenders are another easy way to add a couple inches:

  • Ensure the interior size fits snugly over the legs for a tight friction fit.
  • If loose, use screws through the extender into the wooden legs to hold firmly in place.
  • Only increase height 2-3 inches per set of extenders, and add gradually.

Raising a sofa improves seat height and posture and creates a lighter visual weight overall. Use secure methods to safely add valuable height.


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