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It’s amazing how much dirt, grime, and hidden gunk your sofa collects over time. From food crumbs to pet hair to unknown stains, our couches see it all. Here we provide tips for tackling a sofa deep clean to remove built-up grossness and make it fresh, clean and welcoming again.


Why Your Sofa Needs a Deep Clean

Even with regular vacuuming, sofas harbor:

  • Embedded dirt and debris – Crumbs, pet hair and dust get lodged and trapped inside upholstery fibers.
  • Stains – Spills that weren’t properly treated can leave behind discoloration and rings.
  • Odors – Sofas absorb smells over time from pets, smoke, cooking fumes, etc.
  • Bacteria and allergens – Sofas collect traces of mold, pollen, pet dander and more.

A deep clean extracts these accumulated impurities from the upholstery and fill materials.


How to Deep Clean Your Sofa


Supplies Needed for a Sofa Deep Clean

Gather these handy supplies:

  • Vacuum hose attachment – For detailing crevices and tufts.
  • Upholstery brush – To agitate and scrub surfaces.
  • Cleaning cloths – Microfiber cloths and soft scrub pads.
  • Cleaning solutions – Laundry detergent, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
  • Extracting machine – Portable spot cleaner or rental carpet cleaner.
  • Scratch art – Spoon handle can detail in crevices.


Step-by-Step Guide for Deep Cleaning the Sofa

1. Vacuum Entire Sofa
Vacuum all surfaces and crevices to lift out loose debris and hair.

2. Pre-Treat Stained Areas
Use a cleaning solution suited for the stain type. Let it soak in to dissolve the stain.

3. Scrub All Surfaces
Use a brush and cloth to scrub cushions, backs, arms, creases. Apply more solution as needed.

4. Steam Clean with Extractor
Run the extractor tool over all upholstery to lift out grime. Make multiple passes.

5. Deodorize Cushions
Sprinkle baking soda, then vacuum. Repeat until odors are neutralized.

6. Sanitize with Hydrogen Peroxide
Mist a 3% solution onto surfaces. Let sit 10 minutes before drying.

7. Dry Thoroughly Before Replacing Cushions
Air out the sofa fully to ensure no moisture remains before putting back together.


Set aside a good chunk of time for the process, but it’s worth it to thoroughly revitalize your sofa!


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