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Microfiber sofas use polyester or other synthetic materials. That’s why cleaning these sofas isn’t easy. To clean your microfiber sofa, upholstery steam cleaning is one of the best options. High-pressure steam can clean the nooks and crannies of your microfiber sofa. So, how to steam clean a microfiber sofa is crucial.


steam clean a microfiber couch

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Microfiber Sofa

Microfiber is a popular, affordable, and low-maintenance sofa fabric. However, as with any upholstery material, microfiber can attract dirt, grease, and grime over time. Steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method that safely removes buildup from your microfiber sofa without harming the delicate synthetic fibers.

  • Remove stains and debris

Hot, pressurized steam helps remove stubborn stains like food, oil and grease from the surface and crevices of microfiber fabrics. The high temperature dissolves and moves contaminants so they can be wiped away.

  • Disinfect fabric

The extremely high temperature of the steam (200-220°F) kills germs, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens deep within the microfibers. Steam can disinfect places that a regular vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

  • Remove deposited allergens

Microfibers easily capture substances such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mite allergens that float and settle in the air. Concentrated steam cleaning removes these tiny irritants from fabrics.

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  • Makes microfiber skin look brand new

Over time, dirt and oil can dull the vibrant appearance of microfiber. Steam cleans the underside of fabric fibers to remove dull residue. This restores the original vibrant colors and textures.

  • Fabric deodorization

Steam cleaning removes lingering odors from microfiber fabrics, including food odors, pet odors, and musty odors. High heat helps dissipate bad odors.

  • Quick drying

After steam cleaning, microfiber dries very quickly, usually within an hour. This prevents the growth of mold or mildew. Towels can help absorb moisture to speed drying.

  • Environmental friendly

Steam cleaning uses only water and no chemical cleaners. This makes it an environmentally friendly cleaning technology. No chemical residue is left after cleaning.

  • Safe for finished microfibers

As long as the cleaning head keeps moving, the steam won’t damage or strip the microfiber. Avoid concentrating steam in one area for long periods of time. Start by testing an inconspicuous area.

  • Remove pet hair

Microfiber attracts pet hair like a magnet. The concentrated steam helps loosen and lift pet hair embedded in the fibers so it can be easily removed by wiping or vacuuming.

  • Free of harmful chemicals

Many microfiber cleaners contain alcohol, solvents, or bleach, which can damage the fibers over time. If done properly, steaming uses only purified water to avoid this hazard.

As long as you do it with care, steam cleaning can thoroughly clean your microfiber sofa. Its disinfecting heat rejuvenates fabrics and extends the life of your furniture. Follow up with routine vacuuming to maintain freshness between deep cleanings.

steam clean a microfiber couch

How to Steam Clean a Microfiber Sofa

Microfiber upholstery is an easy-care fabric that can be refreshed with regular steam cleaning. Follow these steps for safely and effectively steam cleaning a microfiber sofa:

  1. Supplies Needed

Steam cleaner with variable steam settings

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Soft scrub brush
  • Distilled water
  • Deodorizer (optional)
  • Furniture protector (optional)
  • Pre-Clean Surfaces

Use a vacuum attachment to remove loose debris from surfaces before introducing steam. This lifts away dirt particles and sand that could scratch microfiber when steam cleaning.

  1. Pretreat Stains

For any oily food stains, mud, or dirt stains, apply a small amount of upholstery cleaner or soap directly on the stain to help break it down before steaming.

  1. Protect Floor and Walls

Place towels or pads on the floor under sofa legs to prevent water dripping. Also drape towels over walls or surfaces behind the sofa.

  1. Remove and Detach Cushions

Take off all removable cushions and set aside to make cleaning easier. If covers are removable, take them off for washing separately.

  1. Start Steaming

Turn on steam cleaner and allow it to heat fully. Use a medium-high steam setting on microfiber. Slowly pass cleaner head over fabric, overlapping strokes.

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  1. Work Methodically Section-by-Section

Work top to bottom on sofa body, then clean cushions individually. This prevents drips on already cleaned areas.

  1. Wipe Away Moisture

As you work, frequently use a dry microfiber towel to wipe away moisture lifted by steam. This prevents over-wetting fabric.

  1. Spot Scrub Stains

Use a soft-bristle scrub brush as you steam to gently agitate and loosen any ground-in stains on the microfiber.

  1. Deodorize and Protect

After fully steam cleaning, spray fabric with an upholstery deodorizer. Once dry, apply a fabric protector to repel future stains if desired.

  1. Allow to Fully Dry

Give the microfiber several hours to dry completely before using the sofa. A fan speeds drying. Replace cushions once dry.

  1. Maintain with Vacuuming

Between deeper steam cleanings, routinely vacuum microfiber using an upholstery attachment to pick up dirt and debris from the nap.

Proper steam cleaning removes buildup and brightens microfiber sofas without using harsh chemicals. Make sure to work slowly and gently, minimizing excess moisture in the fabric. With regular care, a microfiber sofa will stay clean and vibrant for many years.

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Precautions When Steam Cleaning Microfiber Sofas

While steam cleaning is an effective way to clean microfiber sofas, some care should be taken to avoid damaging the delicate synthetic fibers. Follow these precautions when steam cleaning microfiber:

  • Test First in an Inconspicuous Area

Always do a spot test in an hidden area first and check for any discoloration, shrinking, or damage before cleaning the entire sofa.

  • Keep Steam Head Moving

Don’t concentrate steam on one spot for too long. Keep the cleaning head gliding continuously to prevent over-wetting the fabric.

  • Use Lower Steam Setting

Use a lower temperature steam setting designed for synthetics and delicates. High pressure or heat can distort microfibers.

  • Work in Small Sections

Clean just a portion of the sofa at a time to thoroughly get into crevices while not oversaturating the fabric.

  • Avoid Excessive Scrubbing

When dealing with stains, gently agitate the area with a soft brush but do not aggressively scrub microfiber. This may damage the nap.

  • Check Furniture Tags

Consult manufacturer’s tags for any specific instructions on steam cleaning or temperature limits for that particular microfiber.

  • Lift Fabric Away From Frames

Avoid directing steam right at sofa frames or hardware beneath fabric. The concentrated heat may damage these components.

  • Watch for Color Loss

Prolonged exposure to concentrated steam could potentially cause fading of dyes in microfiber. Quickly wipe away any pooled moisture.

  • Use Only Distilled Water

Minerals in tap water may leave deposits on microfiber when heated into steam. Use only distilled or demineralized water.

  • Dry Thoroughly Before Using

Allow microfiber several hours to completely dry before using the sofa again. Trapped moisture can mold or mildew.

  • Vacuum First

Pre-vacuum the sofa with an upholstery tool before steam cleaning to remove loose dirt particles that could scratch when agitated.

By taking some simple precautions, you can safely and effectively refresh microfiber upholstery using steam. Monitor for any adverse effects, work in small sections, and completely dry the fabric when done for best results.

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