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Having your sofa upholstery permeated with the lingering smell of urine can be incredibly unpleasant and embarrassing. But with the right cleaning methods and odor removal products, you can fully eliminate even the most stubborn urine odors that have become deeply embedded in your sofa.

It takes patience and repeated applications, but you can successfully get rid of urine smells from your sofa for good.


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Immediately Blot Up Any Fresh Urine

At the first sign of fresh urine on your sofa before it has set in, quickly blot up as much of the liquid as possible using ultra absorbent paper towels, cloth rags, or better yet, an absorbent enzymatic pet urine cleaner specifically designed to start breaking down urine molecules on contact. Avoid excess rubbing or scrubbing right away, which can further push the urine residue into upholstery fibers before you extract it. The quicker you can absorb and remove the fresh urine, the less of a chance it has to become deeply absorbed into the cushions and fabrics.


Spray or Pour Enzymatic Cleaner Over Affected Areas

After blotting up any liquid or wet residue you can, liberally spray or pour an enzymatic pet odor neutralizer concentrate over the soiled areas of the upholstery. These cleaners use natural enzymes to break down the compounds in urine that cause lingering odors. Thoroughly saturate the fabrics and let the enzymatic cleaner soak in for at least 5-10 minutes. This allows the enzymes time to start dissolving the urine bonds before extraction.

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Extract Urine Residue From Upholstery

After allowing the enzymatic cleaner to soak in, use a wet vacuum, carpet cleaner, or steam cleaner to thoroughly extract both the cleaner and any remaining urine residue from the sofa cushions and base upholstery. Repeatedly run clean water through the extraction wand and soak up to rinse away urine and odors. Extract as much liquid as possible to effectively remove urine before it dries again.


Make a Thick Baking Soda Paste

In a bowl, make a thick paste using a 3 parts baking soda to 1 part cool water ratio. Using a soft bristle scrub brush, generously scrub the baking soda paste thoroughly into the affected upholstery areas. The alkaline baking soda neutralizes acid urine smells. Allow paste to fully dry on fabrics, then vacuum away.


Lightly Mist White Vinegar Over Upholstery

In a spray bottle, mix together a 1:1 ratio of cool water and distilled white vinegar. Then lightly mist the diluted vinegar solution over all upholstery surfaces. Allow to fully air dry to naturally deodorize and kill bacteria. The vinegar smell fades as it dries.


Sprinkle Borax Powder on Problem Areas

For severely urine-soaked areas still exhibiting stubborn odors even after vinegar drying, rub borax laundry powder into the fabrics. The borax prevents residual odors. Let borax sit for 1 hour before thoroughly vacuuming away.


Fog Entire Sofa with Enzyme Cleaner

Alternatively, use a pet enzyme odor eliminator in a fogging machine to deeply penetrate upholstery fibers with microbial enzymes that neutralize and destroy lingering urine proteins causing smells. Fog entire sofa for comprehensive treatment.


Masking Odors With Baking Soda

Between deep cleanings, sprinkle fresh baking soda powder liberally over all sofa upholstery surfaces. Allow it to sit overnight or longer to absorb any faint urine smells. Then vacuum all powder away in the morning. Repeat anytime smells resurface.

With repeated applications of these urine odor removal steps as needed, even the most stubborn urine smells can be fully eliminated from your sofa permanently. Be patient and persistent, it is possible to get your sofa fresh again.


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