With its simple style, modular flexibility, and budget-friendly price, the IKEA Ektorp sofa series has become a popular option for furnishing both large and small spaces. Let’s examine how the adaptable Ektorp design works and key features that make this IKEA staple a versatile choice.


Overview of the Modular Ektorp Sofa System

The Ektorp series utilizes a modular design that allows various sofa components to be arranged in multiple configurations:

  • Standard sofa sections – Available in 2-seat, 3-seat and corner unit sizes.
  • Ottoman modules – Square or rectangular ottomans can substitute for chaise sections.
  • Chaise longue sections – Extendable lounge units to integrate.
  • Armless chair segments – Can be added between other units.
    By mixing different pieces, Ektorp sections can be shaped into U-formations, L-shapes and more to fit room dimensions.


Combining Ektorp Sections for Unique Styles

Some examples of popular modular arrangements include:

  • U-shaped sectional wrapping around a room
  • Sofa with twin ottomans substituted for chaise extensions
  • Entryway bench built from chair segments
  • Corner sofa with attached chaise lounge

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Features and Benefits of the Ektorp Sofa

  • Simple and Customizable Styling
    The unfussy styling and range of covers allow Ektorp sofas to work in traditional, modern, or eclectic rooms.
  • Washable Slipcovers
    Removable, machine-washable slipcovers make it easy to change up colors and prints or clean away stains.
  • Affordable Pricing
    Ektorp’s wallet-friendly price point makes the modular system obtainable on any budget.
  • Compact Size Options
    The armless chairs and ottomans work well in cozy spaces like apartments or dens.
  • Kid and Pet Friendly Durability
    The slipcovered style stands up well to high-traffic family life.

With its flexible modular pieces, customize-friendly covers, and affordable pricing, the versatile Ektorp sofa can adapt to any space or lifestyle need. Just rearrange components to create your perfect sofa design.


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