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    It can be infuriating to find your dog has dug holes or ripped open cushions on your sofa. But this destructive behavior isn’t done to spite you. Understanding the potential motivations behind this problem is the first step to correcting it.


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Common Reasons Dogs Dig in the Sofa

Boredom – Dogs left home alone for long hours with little stimulation may resort to destructive digging to occupy themselves. Ripping and tearing satisfies their instinct to dig.

  • Separation Anxiety – Dogs with separation anxiety may frantically dig into the sofa as they try to find their absent owners. It’s a stress response.
  • Nesting – Female dogs may dig into the soft sofa to create a nesting spot for giving birth. This maternal instinct can kick in even if she isn’t pregnant.
  • Attention-Seeking – Some dogs learn that destructive digging gets a big reaction from owners when they come home. Even punishment can reward this behavior.
  • Discomfort – Medical issues like allergies or arthritis can cause dogs to compulsively dig at parts of the sofa for relief. It may soothe pain or itching.
  • Scent Marking – Intact male dogs may dig into the sofa to leave their scent mark. Neutering typically reduces this territorial urge to mark.
  • Prey Drive – Small prey-like noises in sofa cushions can arouse a dog’s natural hunting instincts. They dig to get to the sound.
  • Puppy Chewing – Teething puppies may rip and tear couch cushions to soothe sore gums. It satisfies their urge to chew.
  • Hiding Objects – Dogs may rip open sofa cushions to create a hiding place for their toys, treats or other treasured items.


Health Risks of Digging Behavior

While occasional sofa digging may just be an annoying behavior issue, repeated and obsessive digging can pose some health hazards for dogs:

  1. Dental damage from ripping into tough fabrics and seams
  2. Digestive upset from ingesting pieces of fabric, stuffing or debris
  3. Paw injuries, such as cracked nails on your dog’s paws or tears on fabric staples or frame components
  4. Disc injuries and other musculoskeletal issues from forceful tugging
  5. Rope or stuffing obstructions if ingested materials wrap around the intestines
  6. Toxin exposure from pesticides or chemicals on the damaged sofa
  7. Self-mutilation injuries if digging is compulsive behavior

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Tips to Stop Destructive Sofa Digging

If your dog is digging holes in your sofa, try these positive training techniques:

  • Remove access – Block access to the sofa when you’re away. Use baby gates or crate training.
  • Deterrent sprays – Apply special anti-chew sprays to the sofa’s surface. The bitter taste deters digging.
  • Interactive toys – Provide puzzles and chew toys to stimulate and satisfy your dog’s needs when alone.
  • More exercise – Take your dog for longer, more vigorous daily walks and playtime to burn energy.
  • Reinforce calmness – Reward your dog for settling calmly on their own bed instead of the sofa.
  • Use remote correction – When you catch them digging, interrupt and correct them with a loud noise or remote correction device.
  • Address medical issues – Rule out any medical factors like pain, allergies or anxiety driving the behavior.
  • Professional help – For severe separation anxiety, work with a certified trainer or behaviorist on customized modification therapy.
  • Puppy training – For puppies, provide plenty of appropriate chew toys and positively reinforce not chewing the sofa.
  • Repair damage – Mend any holes and remove stuffed lining to remove tempting digging spots.


With consistency and by addressing the underlying motivation, you can curb your dog’s destructive digging into the sofa. Just be sure to rule out any medical factors and never punish after the fact. Patience and giving them better alternatives will pay off.


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