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Selecting the right sofa material is crucial when living with children, as kids can be rough on furniture. The best materials will be durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. Prioritize fabrics that can withstand daily wear and tear from active kids without looking worn or dirty quickly.



Leather is arguably the most indestructible sofa material when it comes to standing up to kids’ rough housing, messes, and daily use. Here’s why it’s a top choice:

  1. Leather resists absorbing stains, allowing them to be simply wiped away with a damp cloth and gentle cleaner. Liquids don’t soak in and permanently discolor the surface.
  2. The hardy material is difficult to puncture, rip or tear. Leather can withstand jumping, climbing and other rambunctious play without rips and holes appearing.
  3. Leather does not pill or fray like many fabrics. There are no fibers or weaves for little hands to pick at or pull threads from.
  4. The non-porous surface makes leather sofas easy to disinfect and keep clean from germs using antimicrobial wipes and cleaners.
  5. Premium leathers like aniline or Nappa develop a soft, supple texture but still show scratches. More durable corrected grain leather hides minor scuffs and marks well.
  6. Leather accommodates most decor styles and comes in a wide range of prices. Faux leather is a budget-friendly option that mimics the look and durability of real leather.

Thanks to its non-porous surface and super durable construction, leather upholstery holds up wonderfully in family spaces that demand sofas built to last.


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For fabric sofas, synthetic microfiber stands up admirably to kid use:

  1. The construction of tightly woven, very fine synthetic fibers helps prevent stains from absorbing and setting into the fabric’s pores. Liquids and dirt can be blotted and wiped away.
  2. Made from man-made materials like polyester, nylon, and polyurethane, microfiber is extremely strong, colorfast, and highly abrasion resistant. It resists pilling, fraying and tearing under normal use.
  3. Daily vacuuming easily lifts out embedded dirt and debris to maintain vibrancy, while annual deep cleaning fully revives the fibers. This prevents dulling from accumulated grime ground in.
  4. While microfiber can snag if caught on sharp surfaces, it resists ripping and shredding from normal wear. It retains structural integrity despite kids and pets.

Microfiber also remains fairly budget-friendly, making it accessible for family budgets. Opt for thicker, denser microfiber on higher-end sofas.

Fabrics Treated With Stain Repellents

Seeking out sofas made with fabrics that have been pre-treated with stain repellent finishes is another smart idea with kids. Options like:

  • Crypton or Scotchgard fabrics that have proprietary formulas infused into the fibers to create a protective barrier resisting moisture and stains.
  • Liquids bead up on the surface rather than absorbing so messes can be quickly blotted up before soaking in.
  • The stain resistance treatment is reapplied to the fabric during professional sofa cleanings for ongoing protection.
  • The repellents work on both natural and synthetic upholstery fabrics to enhance their durability.
  • The application does not alter the appearance, feel, or texture of the fabric itself.

Other Kid Friendly Fabrics

While still requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance, some other suitable fabrics include:

  • Sturdy denim, which is casual enough for heavy use and stands up well to staining.
  • Durable medium to heavyweight cotton canvases, which are abrasion resistant although still porous for staining.
  • Ole fin fabrics like polypropylene, which have inherent moisture wicking abilities.
  • Multi-ply wool fabrics, which naturally repel dirt and stains and hide soiling well.

When selecting a sofa for households with children and pets, choosing a durable, easy to clean material is the top priority. Leather and microfiber stand up best, while sturdy fabrics with protective treatments also make excellent kid-friendly choices.

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