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There’s nothing better than curling up on a soft, cozy sofa after a long day. But sitting on an uncomfortable sofa can lead to backaches, poor posture and disrupted relaxation. Use these helpful tips to improve your existing sofa’s comfort so it becomes a welcoming retreat.


Tips to Make Your Sofa More Comfortable for Optimal Relaxation插图


Fluff and Adjust Cushions

Fluff and shake cushions regularly to restore loft and support. Rearrange seat cushions and back pillows until seating feels aligned to your body. Optimal cushioning reduces pressure points.

Add Extra Throw Pillows

Scatter plush throw pillows over the seats and arms to provide cushy softness and customizable comfort. This creates a more enveloping, sink-in feeling. Choose feather, down or fiberfill pillows for squishy comfort.

Drape Throws and Blankets

Layer ultra-soft throws and blankets over the sofa to make it more snuggly. Opt for fuzzy textures like chenille or cashmere that feel soothing against skin. Drape them over the backs and arms for warm, welcoming appeal.

Install Bolster Pillow Backs

Attaching long body pillows against the sofa back cushions allows you to lean back into cushy softness. Opt for responsive memory foam pillows that contour to your curves.

Add Removable Lumbar Pillows

Sew or purchase removable lumbar support pillows and tuck them at the small of your back to maintain healthy spine alignment while seated. This prevents lower back fatigue.

Use Washable Slipcovers

Fitted, removable slipcovers can make firmer sofas feel soft and plush. Choose naturally cozy fabrics like velvet, cotton chenille or faux fur. Remove and launder as needed to keep fresh.

Replace Old Cushion Filling

If cushions are lumpy or flattened out, re-stuff them with new sofa filler batting to restore even comfort and support. Opt for down-alternative fibers for maximum coziness and allergen-free benefits.

With a few easy upgrades, you can transform an uncomfortable sofa into your ideal refuge for relaxation. The right mix of lush fabrics, ample cushions and custom adjustments will make it the ultimate spot to unwind.

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