Refresh a Couch

Over time, even high quality couches can start to look worn and dated. Refreshing a couch helps extend its lifespan and saves the expense of buying new furniture. There are several inexpensive and easy ways to update the look of a couch to make it seem like new again.

Refresh a Couch

Deep Clean the Upholstery

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning keeps couches looking cleaner between more thorough cleanings. But periodically couches need a deeper cleaning to refresh the upholstery and remove embedded dirt and oils.

Professionally steam cleaning the couch once a year removes stains, brightens the fabric, and eliminates odors. Renting a steam cleaner and doing it yourself is a more affordable option. Just be sure to carefully follow any cleaning code instructions for the fabric.

Pretreat any heavily soiled areas with an upholstery cleaner before steam cleaning. Use a scrub brush on stuck-on grime. Allow the fabric to fully dry before using the couch to prevent moisture damage.

Freshen Up the Cushions

Couch cushions get compressed with regular use, making them appear misshapen and flat. Fluffing and rotating the cushions weekly helps maintain their shape and plumpness.

For cushions that have permanent indentations, use a handheld steamer to lightly steam the foam and loft it back up again. Avoid over-steaming to prevent moisture damage.

Replace throw pillow inserts that have flattened out. Adding new pillows in complementary colors and patterns helps update the look as well.

Rotate the cushions frequently so they wear evenly. Periodically flip seat cushions to equalize wear too. Side cushions may need replaced more often if they get more use.

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Update with New Slipcovers

Slipcovers provide an easy way to give couches a fresh new look. They come in a wide range of colors, prints and styles to match any decor.

Custom-fit slipcovers tailored specifically for the couch hug the contours smoothly for a flawless fit. More affordable loose-fitting styles still look good when tucked neatly into place.

Look for slipcovers designed from durable, stain-resistant fabrics that hold up well to daily use. Washable cottons, microfiber, linens and cotton-blends launder easily when dirty.

Change slipcovers seasonally to vary the look. Switch to lighter colors in summer and darker shades for winter. Have a few patterns on hand to swap out occasionally.

Add New Throw Pillows

An easy way to update a couch is by adding new throw pillows in colors and patterns that tie into the rest of the room’s updated decor.

Vary pillow sizes and shapes for visual interest. Mixing different prints and solids creates a layered, collected look. Choose pillows in contrasting colors to make the couch pop.

Look for pillows covered in stain resistant, washable fabrics to maintain their appearance, especially if kids will be using the couch. Bring puffiness back to flattened pillows by replacing the inserts.

Group pillows together at one end of the couch to create a focal area. Or spread them out across the entire couch as needed to hide worn areas.

Replace Hardware and Legs

Over time, the legs and hardware on a couch can get scratched and dated looking. Replacing these components provides an instant facelift.

Switch out scuffed wooden legs for sleek metal hairpin legs in black, silver or brass. Or try turned spindle legs for a more traditional look.

Replace round plastic caster wheels with larger metal wheels or casters in an updated finish. They’ll roll more smoothly.

Freshen up metal brackets and hardware by spray painting them in a modern matte black, silver, gold or metallic finish. Use a high quality enamel paint.

Add Accent Tables with Style

Including stylish accent tables around the couch elevates the look and gives the couch a new lease on life.

An ornate vintage trunk used as a coffee table adds retro flair. Repurposed crates or ceramic garden stools offer charming rustic style.

Flank the couch with round or square side tables in glossy black, antique white or wood tones matching the floors for a pulled together look.

Place an inviting drink table next to one end of the couch to create an intimate seating area. Top it with books and a lamp.

With a little creativity and elbow grease, it’s easy to refresh a worn out couch to get more years of service from it. Regular maintenance keeps it looking revived longer.


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