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Having a sofa that sits lower than desired can throw off proportions in your space and create discomfort for users. Fortunately, there are several effective options for boosting the height of an existing sofa frame through DIY solutions or professional upholstery services.

increase the height of the sofa

Add Adjustable Lifts Underneath Sofa Legs

One of the easiest and least conspicuous ways to raise sofa height a few inches is attaching screw-on furniture leg lifts. Look for sturdy lifts that offer adjustable height settings from 1 inch up to 3 inches or more. This range gives you flexibility in dialing in the ideal lift amount. Check that the weight capacity rating sufficiently exceeds the total weight of your sofa to confidently bear the load. Insert a lift in each leg, adjusting them to match heights across the sofa. The lifts instantly add visible height while retaining the original sofa’s leg style. Be sure to periodically check that the lifts remain tightly secured as they may loosen over time.


Install Taller Custom Replacement Legs

For a more permanent leg solution, you can replace the original legs with taller legs sized specifically for your sofa model. Carefully measure your existing legs to find replacement legs that are 3 to 6 inches taller. Look for sturdy legs in styles and finishes that coordinate well visually with your sofa frame. You may need to drill new mounting holes to accommodate taller legs. Add felt pads on leg bottoms to prevent potential floor scratches. Ensure legs attach tightly and provide adequate stability. This leg swap approach works best for sofas with removable legs.


Use Heavy Duty Risers Under the Sofa Base

Another less noticeable way to add height is placing thick, sturdy riser blocks under the bottom base rails of the sofa frame. Measure carefully to allow for approximately 1/2 inch clearance on all outer sides so the sofa can lift smoothly and not catch on the risers. Look for dense, reinforced wood or steel riser blocks rated to handle significant weight. Incorporate felt pads, grips, or anti-slip surfaces on risers to prevent sliding. Combining risers with taller replacement legs maximizes the sofa lift.


Install a New Solid Platform Base

For a more significant increase in sofa sitting height, consider replacing the entire original base with a new, taller platform base. Look for sturdy solid wood or steel platform frames that sit at your ideal height. Use angles, brackets, and bolts to securely attach the sofa frame atop the new platform base. A plywood sheet on top of the base prior to sofa mounting can help stabilize and prevent sagging. Conceal the base with a cover for a cleaner look. This intensive base swap approach is ideal for severely sagging sofas needing complete structural reinforcement and lifting.

increase the height of the sofa

Have a Professional Upholsterer Lift and Reinforce Sofa

Some construction methods and more complex sofa frames are best lifted and reinforced by an experienced professional upholsterer. They have techniques for neatly elevating sofa height by several inches. This may involve inserting wood blocks inside base rails, resetting suspension systems at proper tension, and securing springs and cushions at an elevated height within the frame. Upholsterers can also replace any worn corner blocks, re-webbing, and springs in the process.


Add Thicker Cushions and Interior Padding

Without altering the actual sofa structure, simply inserting additional padding and thicker cushions on top can raise the seating height. Look for replacement seat cushions about 2 to 4 inches thicker than the originals. Or place dense foam pads, dry clean moving blankets, or thick batting under existing cushions to subtly boost up height. This approach maintains the sofa’s original appearance while adding comfort and stability.


Lift Overall Sofa Profile Evenly

In addition to the seat height, also evaluate the visual proportions of sofa arms, back, and roll in relation to new height. Attach wood risers along the top of base rails to lift the entire sofa profile evenly. Elevating all framing elements maintains balance and prevents a disconnect between low seat and towering back. An upholsterer can expertly increase height of arms, back, and roll areas through rebuilding.


Adjust Heights of Nearby Furniture

Rather than altering the sofa itself, raising the heights of surrounding furniture like coffee tables, side chairs and ottomans can create alignment with a sunken sofa. Adding leg extensions, casters, or taller replacement legs builds up their height. Keeping furnishings at similar height perspectives creates a cohesive layout.


Incorporate Plush Area Rugs

Use plush, thick area rugs layered underneath and around a lower sofa to provide the illusion it sits higher. The rug visually lifts everything placed on top by introducing more material underneath. Layer larger rugs atop smaller ones to multiply softness and perceived height. Coordinate rug colors to sofa tones to keep the look seamless.

Get creative with solutions ranging from hidden lifts to upholstery frame modifications in order to raise a sofa to the perfect height for your needs. With the right approach, your favorite sofa can gain those extra needed inches in height for proper use and proportions. Don’t settle for a sofa that’s sunk down too low, utilize these detailed tips to lift it up.


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