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As a dog owner, you know how quickly your furniture can start to smell like your furry friend. While you love snuggling with your pooch on the couch, that lingering dog odor can be unpleasant. Don’t panic – with the right techniques and products, you can banish that funky dog smell from your couch for good.


Why Does My Couch Smell Like Dog?

There are a few key reasons your couch ends up smelling like the inside of a kennel:

  • Hair and Dander: Dogs shed hair and skin flakes constantly. All that fur and dander gets embedded in your couch’s fabric.
  • Body Oils: Your dog’s skin releases oils that contain aromatic compounds. These transfer onto your couch during cuddle sessions.
  • Saliva and Moisture: Dog drool and dampness from a wet coat can soak into cushion covers. Damp fabric attracts odors.
  • Accidents: Urine, feces, or vomiting accidents on the couch create strong, lingering odors. Even minor incidents leave a mark.
  • Bacteria: Microbes feed on all that hair, oil, drool, and debris, producing funky metabolic odors.

Once these odor sources build up in your couch, they can be tricky to remove. But with a thorough cleaning regimen, you can kick that dog smell to the curb.

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Deep Cleaning Tips to Remove Dog Odor from Couches

To fully eliminate dog odors from your couch, you’ll need to use a combination of cleaning methods tailored to your couch’s fabric. Here are some of the most effective ways to get your couch smelling fresh again:

Vacuum Weekly

Regular vacuuming is crucial. Use an attachment to reach deep between couch cushions and tufts in the fabric. This lifts away hair, dander, crumbs, and other debris before odors set in.

Spot Clean Messes ASAP

Don’t let any urine, feces, vomit, or excessive drool incidents sit – blot up what you can immediately using paper towels. Use an enzymatic cleaner formulated for pet messes to break down odor compounds. For stubborn stuck-on gunk, use an old toothbrush or towel edge to gently scrape off solids.

Steam Clean Cushion Covers

Use a handheld fabric steamer to penetrating and loosen odors trapped in couch covers. Steam helps release odors and freshen the fabric.

Wash of Removable Cushion Covers

If your couch has removable cushions with machine-washable covers, pop them in the wash regularly. Use an odor-eliminating laundry booster or white vinegar in the rinse cycle. Let covers air dry completely before replacing cushions.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and odor absorber. Liberally sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the couch. Let sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming up. The baking soda will pull odors from deep in the couch. Repeat weekly.

Try Dryer Sheets

For a quick odor refresh, lightly rub unused dryer sheets over the entire couch surface. This helps mask odors with a light fragrance.

Use Enzymatic Sprays

Spray the entire couch with an enzymatic cleaner formulated specifically for pet odors. Enzymes in these products break down odor compounds and dissolve sticky residues left behind by your dog. Reapply weekly.

Hire Professional Deep Cleaning

For severely smelly couches, call in the experts. Professional upholstery cleaners have industrial strength equipment and chemicals to sanitize and deodorize every inch of fabric. Steam cleaning, hot water extraction, or ultrasonic cleaning services can eliminate years of deeply embedded funk.

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Preventing Dog Odors on Your Couch

With consistent care and the right tools, you can stop dog smells before they start:

  • Cover your couch with a washable quilt or slipcover for easy removal during shedding season.
  • Train your dog not to jump on furniture to limit transfer of oils and dirt from paws.
  • Bath your dog regularly to control body odors and remove allergens.
  • Brush your dog weekly to capture loose hair before it reaches your couch.
  • Place absorbent pillows or towels on your dog’s favorite couch spots to protect from drool stains.
  • Immediately wash any blankets or toys your dog uses on the couch.
  • Use couch covers designed just for pets that are machine washable and help repel odors, moisture, and hair.

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When to Call in the Professionals

Sometimes DIY efforts just won’t cut it, especially if odors have had years to seep deep into cushions and crevices. Don’t hesitate to call in professional upholstery cleaners if:

  • Odors linger despite your efforts.
  • Stains or residue remain embedded in fabric.
  • The couch has accumulated years of dog smells.
  • You need to thoroughly sanitize and deodorize after accidents.
  • Your couch requires specialized cleaning methods beyond home techniques.


With the right mix of diligent cleaning, odor removal products, and protective measures, you can finally say goodbye to that annoying doggy smell lingering around your couch. Keep up regular grooming and cleaning habits so you and your furry BFF can keep cuddling on a fresh-smelling couch for years to come.


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