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As a cat owner, few things are more frustrating than coming home to find your sofa cushions shredded by kitty claws. But why do cats attack upholstery? Understanding their scratching motivations is key to directing the behavior to more appropriate outlets.


Natural Scratching Instincts

For cats, scratching behaviors are completely natural and serve several purposes:

  • Mark Territory – Cats have scent glands in their paws that mark objects as theirs when scratched. Sofas carry their scent in shared home territory.
  • Visual Markers – Scratch marks become visual cues for other cats that this area is occupied and claimed.
  • Stretching – Extending and dragging their claws scratches muscular stretches and relieves tension.
  • Shedding – Clawing sheds old nail sheaths and dull outer layers to expose new sharp nails underneath.
    Stress Relief – For anxious cats, scratching releases calming endorphins, much like a person biting nails.

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Why the Sofa Seems Like a Good Scratch Target

Given their natural instincts, cats are drawn to scratch sofas for several reasons:

  • Upholstery textures – Fabrics like wool, cotton and leather satisfy scratching urges.
  • Visual prominence – As a focal point in cat territory, sofas attract marking.
  • Height – Taller scratching posts let cats stretch fully when scratching downwards.
  • Unobstructed access – Open sofa legs offer approach from all angles, unlike some cat posts.
  • Owner scent – Sofas carry a cat’s human companion’s scent, making them attractive claimable objects.
  • Comfortable shape – Rounded, malleable arms and backs are conducive to clawing stretches.

Dangers of Scratching Behavior

While natural, sofa scratching poses some risks cats should avoid:

  • Damage to skin and nails from loose fabrics wrapping around claws.
  • Eye injuries if claws snag unexpectedly on upholstery.
  • Falling furniture if climbing cats topple unstable sofas and tables.
  • Toxic dyes or chemicals transferred from upholstery to clawed paw pads.
  • Aggressive responses from owners, stressing human-feline bonds.

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Deterring Cats from Scratching Sofas

To protect furniture and redirect scratching to healthier outlets:

  1. Provide cat scratching posts offering a variety of textures, heights and angles of approach.
  2. Use feline pheromone sprays on scratched areas to deter repeat marking.
  3. Apply double-sided sticky tape to problem surfaces – cats avoid sticking to the tape.
  4. Cover sofas with couch covers made of scratch-resistant materials or plastic sheeting.
  5. Use cat nip on approved scratching surfaces to attract cat attention.
  6. Trim nails regularly to minimize damage and train cats to accept handling paws.
  7. Discipline gently with loud noises or compressed air, and redirect to scratch posts when caught in the act.
  8. Consider soft plastic caps for nails as a last resort if deterrents fail.

With patience and by providing suitable scratching outlets, cats can satisfy their natural instincts without destroying upholstery. It’s a matter of honoring kitty behavior rather than fighting it!


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